trump hides visitor logs citing privacy concerns despite slashing broadband privacy for the public

The trump administration officially refused to release visitor logs to Mar-a-lago and the White house today, shrouding the administration in secrecy and adding to their lack of transparency so far.  Despite signing into law legislation disassembling broadband privacy rules, the trump administration cited privacy concerns as their rationale for justifying their break of precedent.  The overwhelming hypocrisy of the situation has critics speaking out.  

Unlike his predecessor Barack Obama, trump has decided not to let the public know who comes and goes from both the WH and his personal resort in Florida - which he will frequent for another lavish 3-day getaway this weekend.  Ironically enough, the POTUS bashed Obama in a series of tweets for his supposed lack of transparency and vacation habits.  Critics have slammed the curent President for what they call hypocrisy, citing the record amount of time trump has spent at his resorts, golf courses, and properties.  Now, the public will have no idea who is meeting with the President at the WH or his private resort.

Internet freedom and privacy activists are calling out the justification on social media and Reddit as duplicitous.  Republicans passed legislation eroding broadband privacy laws and trump recently signed the bill into law. 

The bill which allows ISPs like Verizon and Comcast to harvest online data of the American public and sell it off to the highest bidder.  Despite overwhelming opposition to the bill, the law will go into effect.

This latest reversal of precedent further pushes the administration into darkness.  Famous for their lack of transparency, Elizabeth Warren questions what trump is hiding, both in his tax returns, his visitor logs, and his team.  Nationwide marches have been planned for Saturday, April 15th to demand trump release his taxes.

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