Did Breitbart and trump coordinate to push today's conspiracy theory about Obama?

The POTUS has ignited controversy in a tweetstorm unleashed Saturday morning, claiming without evidence he had been wiretapped by Barack Obama.  The baseless conspiracy theory initially arose on the alt-right website Breitbart.  Steve Bannon is the White House's Chief Strategist and also the former executive chair of Breitbart.  Claiming only to have divested and providing no proof, Bannon almost certainly remains an influential figure at Breitbart, an unabashedly pro-trump website.  

The fabricated conspiracy theory pushed by the POTUS on Saturday morning - originating from the fringe of conservative media -  seems to be in response to a report that the FBI had obtained a FISA warrant to monitor communications between the trump campaign and Russia.  In order for this warrant to have been approved by a judge, there must be an ample amount of evidence.  In addition, the POTUS doesn't have the authorization to wire tap private citizens, further discrediting the President's tweets.  This is an incredibly serious matter which has certainly become multiplied by virtue of the myriad connections between the trump team and Russia dating back to the hack of the DNC and manipulation of the US election.  In fact, three high-profile members of the trump team have resigned in disgrace after their communications and past actions with Russia had surfaced. It appears as if the Chief Strategist of the White House is using his private right-wing news outlet to deflect from the scandal involving the trump campaign and Russia.

This raises a series of questions: Is Steve Bannon using Breitbart as a propaganda website?  Is the White House purposefully colluding with Breitbart and other fringe conservative media to promulgate conspiracy theories and propaganda?  Is the White House consciously promulgating misinformation to deceive the public at large and deflect from Russiagate?  Has Breitbart become a de facto state media company?  Is there a war being waged on reality?

Breitbart's front page this morning seems to be an uninhibited propaganda arm of the trump administration.  Trafficking in conspiracy theories and baseless claims, the website seems to be attempting to deflect from the ongoing leaks and developments concerning trump's team and Russia.  Considering Bannon's relationship to Breitbart and his role as Chief Strategist in the White House, one is absolutely justified in sounding the alarm over today's developments.  The news and media is supposed to function as a vehicle for the truth and a way to hold elected officials accountable, not to be a shameless propaganda machine and warp reality beyond recognition.

-Adam Mantine

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