trump continues to rob taxpayers with lavish weekend retreats and golf

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I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done.
— Candidate trump, interview with The Hill, 6/23/2015

Donald trump hit the links again Saturday, marking the 15th time in 11 weeks he has visited the golf course.  The trip to the links comes the morning after meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at his luxury Mar-a-lago resort in Florida.  Every visit trump makes to his luxurious resort costs the taxpayers upward of $3.3 million dollars.  There is no precedent for a sitting President to make weekend trips to their personal properties, and critics are furious over the perceived mix of business and politics being funded by the taxpayer.

Since his inauguration 11 weeks ago, trump has visited his opulent South Florida property 8 times.  He has also doubled the membership fee to $200,000, meaning trump is using his title of POTUS to personally profit off of his resort.  Unprecedented access to the POTUS is available to those affluent enough to pay the membership fee.  Without a guest list or any transparency, the Mar-a-lago resort raises the spectre of malfeasance at a sight which is inaccessible to the public.

Despite his campaign pledge to "rarely leave the White House", the POTUS has done exactly the opposite.  Vacationing routinely and accruing costs at more than 10x his predecessor Barack Obama, the Commander-in-chief has broken a promise in which he stated: "I would not be a President who took vacations.  I would not be a President that takes time off."  American Presidents typically vacation at Camp David, but the scenic getaway location is not to trump's liking.

trump routinely tore into Barack Obama for taking vacations, often tweeting insults at 44 and his family, delighting in informing the public the exact cost of each trip.  But trump's frequent visits to the non-standard 'Winter White House' cost about 6x what Obama's did, and he makes them nearly every weekend.  At this rate, he's due to eclipse the cost of Obama's 8 year travel expenses - before the end of his first year in office.  It seems as if trump is treating the office of the President as a 9-5 job, willingly gallivanting on palatial forays each weekend.  As a man who claims to represent the common man, why does he continue to run up a bill for the US taxpayer?

-Adam Mantine

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