Sanders slams trump for lying to the American people and ignoring science on Earth Day

Bernie Sanders blasted the POTUS on Earth day, accusing him of lying to the working and middle-class and ignoring science.  Sanders laid into trump, stating: "He claimed to be a champion of the working people.  He said that he was going to stop Wall Street from getting away with murder.  He said he was going to re-instate the Glass Steagall Act to prevent Wall Street banks from gambling with the bank deposits of the American people."

The Senator continued to lambast the current President in a 3 paragraph Facebook post, flatly stating trump "was not telling the truth", before vituperating him strongly for choosing Wall St. over Main St.  Turning up the heat, Sanders blasted the POTUS for prioritizing corporate and financial institutions above the needs of the American people, opining trump is "not on the side of the working people."  This post comes in the wake of executive actions by the President which will allow companies to avoid federal taxes.

Earlier in the day the Sanders chided trump for his denial of climate change, saying "in the year 2017 it is almost unbelievable that a president of the United States and his party continue to deny the virtually unanimous scientific community."  The official from Vermont has been an ardent critic of the President, often attacking him for his climate change denial, proposed budget cuts to the EPA, vaccine skepticism, and aversion to facts.  Standing with the millions who marched for science on Earth Day, he remains optimistic.  "There is hope because people are fighting back.  People around the world are saying: The time for denial is long past.  We won't endanger our planet and the future of our children and grandchildren."

Sanders concluded by congratulating and thanking the demonstrators who stood up in their support of science.  Throughout his career, he has been a strong activist for the environment and has repeatedly defended workers and union rights.  

-Adam Mantine


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