Canada legalizes and America cracks down with marijuana holidaze approaching

A tale of two countries: Canada and the United States have pursued divergent paths in the previous months concerning cannabis.  Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has personally introduced a bill legalizing marijuana.  Donald trump's administration, headed by Jeff Sessions, has signaled a government crackdown specifically aimed at punishing petty drug users with strict sentencing.  Despite the cultural similarities between the two nations and the overwhelming public support for medical and recreational cannabis, the two nations are headed in opposite directions.

As a candidate, trump stated he was in favor of medical marijuana and states' rights in determining whether or not to legalize marijuana.  

Jeff Sessions is a hardline opponent of marijuana, who stated in 2016 marijuana "is dangerous, it cannot be played with, it is not funny, it's not something to laugh about, and trying to send the message with clarity, that good people don't smoke marijuana."  Sessions has signaled the Justice Department will no longer allow states to experiment with the legalization of marijuana, a departure from guidance set forth by his predecessor Barack Obama. 

He has already formally changed the direction of the Justice Department away from guidelines allowing judges to deviate from mandatory minimum sentencing in regards to non-violent drug offenders.  Like his boss trump, Sessions peddles alternative facts in order to create a dystopian alternate reality in which the United States is a desolate hellscape characterized by brutal crime, on the brink of disaster.  In spite of being contradicted by all facts, evidence, and testimony from scholars and experts, Sessions has pledged a strict crackdown on drug users, to punish the individual as severely as possible.  

It's worth note the Jusice Department under Sessions also reinstated the use of private prisons.  The CEOs of these prison corporations are major donors to the Republican party and have bet the house on the new President.  Critics point out the major conflict of interest in private companies benefiting off of people like human batteries, enriching themselves via incarceration of small-time, non-violent drug users, locking humans in cages for altering their own consciousness.

He lied to congress under oath about his contacts with Russians, but has stayed true to his word of cracking down on petty drug users - including marijuana.

He lied to congress under oath about his contacts with Russians, but has stayed true to his word of cracking down on petty drug users - including marijuana.

As 4/20 approaches, marijuana conoisseurs throughout America and Canada prepare to light up on their annual cannabis holiday.  Indisputable scientific and medical evidence has emerged showing positive health effects of marijuana.  Stunning videos of grand mal seizures stopped dead in their tracks have been posted to YouTube.  Thousands of veterans self-medicate with marijuana to help with PTSD and other maladies.  World-class athletes toke up before and after games, brilliant software designers are continuously high, and a litany of other professionals conduct their affairs with tact and dignity.  For Jeff Sessions to demonize these people with the blessing of his boss all while enriching his corporate prison buddies is outrageous, morally bankrupt, and a crime against humanity.

-Adam Mantine



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