The Alt-Right Have Infiltrated the White House

In the days since the election people are angry. People are upset. And they want to express their point of view that they are very frightened, in very, very strong disagreement with Mr. Trump, who has made bigotry the cornerstone of his campaign. We have a First Amendment in this country, and I think that people all over are saying, “Mr. Trump, we have come too far in this country fighting discrimination and bigotry. We’re not going back. And if you’re going to continue that effort, you’re going to have to take us on.”

-Bernie Sanders, 11/14/2016

Even Glenn Beck is terrified of Steve Bannon.  Click link for details.

Even Glenn Beck is terrified of Steve Bannon.  Click link for details.

Donald Trump has promoted Steven Bannon, head of Breitbart and leader of the alt-right, to his Chief Strategist.  The alt-right are white supremacists and white nationalists and Steve Bannon refers to Breitbart as the outlet of the alt-right.   They are convinced of a global conspiracy to destroy traditional white American culture through multiculturalism.  Not only do they believe in eugenics, they openly disparage basically anyone who is not a straight white christian.  Even Glenn Beck is terrified of Bannon.  The alt-right have now infiltrated the White House.

Despite campaign promises to "drain the swamp" of lobbyists and political insiders, Trump has filled the White House with some truly concerning characters. A former Goldman Sachs investment banker, Bannon is also a self-described Leninist who has allegedly professed his desire to quite literally destroy the state, and the system. He is very far outside the norm of politics, so much so that he would gleefully watch the country burn.  His elevation to Donald Trump's right-hand man is truly worrisome and cause for great concern.  He is Trump's Minister of Propaganda.

The controversial head of Breitbart.  Click link for more info

The controversial head of Breitbart.  Click link for more info

Most of the alt-right exists online.  In fact, you've probably never heard of this movement if you don't have an online presence.  Those of us who do realize the insidious nature of their online dealings.  They are virulent anti-semites who make a habit of viciously attacking Jewish journalists and reporters.  Famous for spreading inflammatory memes, the alt-right revel in hatred of The Other.  Should anyone claim that their words are bigoted, they respond by labeling that person as 'PC', or 'brainwashed by the liberal media'.  Their specialty is reducing demographics to their worst possible example (i.e. all muslims are terrorists), and cherry-picking random data to substantiate their demonstrably untrue claims.

Breitbart are the leaders in the golden age of misinformation.  Not concerned with facts, their goal is to appeal to a certain worldview.  They will bend any news to fit their narrative.  It is troubling that Breitbart's dark vision of a dystopian hellscape nation and race baiting has entered the White House, especially given the tense social and political climate.  It is a powder keg Bannon would happily ignite for ratings.

With this selection, Donald Trump has affirmed his intentions to fulfill the worst of his campaign rhetoric.  Steve Bannon wants to watch the world burn, and now he is Donald Trump's main adviser.

Adam Mantine 11/14/2016


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