The power of live-streaming peaceful demonstrations

"This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."

-trump, Inauguration Speech, January 20th 2017

"Our dignity, our character, our rights have all been under attack and the platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday.  But, the president is not America, his cabinet is not America, congress is not America, WE are America.  And we are here to stay."

-America Ferrerra, Women's March on Washington DC, January 21st 2017


Live-streaming peaceful demonstrations through social media and viewership through smartphones is an essential tool in the resistance against the government of trump.  It was absolutely fascinating to watch antitrump demonstration and protest footage on Facebook through my iPhone.  The non-violent rally in Washington DC on January 21st drew a half a million people, and millions more were connected through live streams viewed through their smartphones.  This is a call to arms for peaceful demonstrations every Saturday for the indefinite future.  

There's a reason for which revolutions have started in town squares.  Before modern technology existed, an angry, isolated citizen who was distraught by the political climate and couldn't take it any longer marched to the town center to let their voice be heard.  Upon arriving they found many more like-minded people, and realized they were not alone.  No longer is it one person, it is a group.  No longer is it 'I', it is 'we'.  No longer are they 'my' problems, they are 'our' problems.  And so we must use technology to connect with even more people around the globe.  One single New York Times reporter had 10k viewers on her livestream at once.  If even 25% of the 500,000 people who descended upon Washington live-streamed, they could easily reach millions. 

Not even the most visionary minds of the past, from Aristotle to JFK, would have foreseen such an awesome tool: a small plastic rectangle with a glowing screen, capable of connecting you and your words to anyone on the planet instantaneously with the tap of the finger, capable of live-streaming your reality and sharing it across the far-flung corners of the globe. 

Instant connection and communication between people is the essential tool against the current administration.  Acts of vandalism and destruction are for people with poor ideas.  Why smash windows when you can spread brilliant notions?  Why tip over garbage cans when you can connect with millions instantly over the internet?  Why light fires when you wield an incredible tool that could lead to a singularity?  The best weapon we have against the post-truth era is our minds, our creativity, and connecting together and being heard and being seen.

The immense success of the peaceful demonstrations of January 21st, 2017 have laid the groundwork for an effective antitrump blueprint: 1)  Indefinite peaceful demonstrations every Saturday morning in front of government buildings across the United States.  2) Live-streaming of peaceful demonstrations by participants on the ground through social media, specifically Facebook Live. 3)  Mass-sharing of aforementioned live streams on the internet and social media in order to connect with as many people as possible, in direct. 4) Demonstrations must consist of speeches and promulgation of ideas from blossoming leaders, rather than performances by celebrities  5) Establish a vast network of antitrump resistors who are empowered to respond to disgraceful actions and words of the current administration (rapid-response demonstrating). 6) Most importantly, all energy must be channeled into unprecedented high-levels of voter turnout on November 8th, 2018 in order to re-take the government from the hands of compromised individuals.

If 20% (100k) of the demonstrators in Washington DC had reached 50 people each, that would amount to 5 million viewers.  Those viewers can share what they're viewing live and reach an exponential amount of viewers instantly.  It will be paramount to have device-charging stations and WiFi at each future demonstration.  This ensures that each individual demonstrator can share their protest experience with their online friends' lists.  Trending topics on Twitter commonly become real-life TV news stories, thus the power of online viewership truly does have a tangible effect.  With Republicans controlling the government and an proto-authoritarian demagogue at the helm, people must look come together and initiate change without the help of the government. Technology is the ultimate tool in this endeavor. 

The connection and communication between mass groups of people - facilitated by live-streams on social media and viewed through smartphones - will eventually lead toward a singularity, a mass-consciousness.  Enough snowflakes eventually trigger an avalanche.  It is when this happens that a true awakening will occur and humans will be able to unlock their true potential.  Our numbers will simply be too great for any government to suppress, and we will understand we are not alone.  Our demands will be impossible to ignore and change will occur, one way or another.  For we are all ONE and the only response to division is unity. 

-Adam Mantine



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