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“Her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the [people] of Flint."

-Donna Brazile illegally hacked email to HRC campaign before Democratic Primary debate


Misinformation, disinformation, and fake news had a profound impact on the presidential election in 2016.  Fake and slanted news spread like wildfire over social media.  Most people don't care how slanted the news is, as long as it supports their narrative.  Rather than fact-checking and triple-checking news and sources, the masses gleefully gobbled every last remnant of spooky misinformation sent their way over the last few years. It climaxed during the most recent presidential election.

From Brian Stelter's "Fake News", CNN

From Brian Stelter's "Fake News", CNN

Yes, Donna Brazile did leak a question to Hillary.  She told her campaign via email that a questioner would ask Hillary about the Flint water crisis at a debate in.... Flint, Michigan.  It was hardly a revelation and already a cause on which HRC was working.  But when hacked emails of the DNC were posted on Wikileaks, the optics of corruption and collusion were present.  BREAKING EMAILS showed undoubted 'rigging', right?

The truth of the matter is that this is the equivalent of political jaywalking.  Meghan Kelly wrote yesterday that Donald Trump had debate questions leaked to him before debates.  And Bernie Sanders also admitted to having advanced notice about debate questions.  Regardless of the fact that all candidates had done the same thing, the appearance of impropriety followed Hillary specifically.  Sensationalized news articles from junk websites with no journalistic integrity circulated social media fast than an STI in small-town America.

Here is the interesting part: who hacked HRC and allowed for these hacked emails to be promoted?  US Intelligence has publicly blamed Russia for hacking the DNC.  Those emails were then sent to Jullian Assange at Wikileaks who released them under the illusion of scandal. Assange clearly has ill-will toward the Obama Administration and the US Government.  And the Trump campaign was in contact with Russia directly in the run-up to the election.  It certainly appears as if the Trump campaign enlisted the help of Russia and promoted hacked emails through misinformation website Wikileaks.  It doesn't matter than these manufactured scandals are completely out of context, the American people at large will gobble up anything that fits their narrative.  Reality is what one believes it to be.

Russians have always been the masters of propaganda.  During WWII they used to drive 'agitrains' all over the Soviet Union.  Agitrains were trains painted with propaganda.  They would travel from town to town and stop and used crude projection technology to show propaganda movies.  It ensured the proper ideological spin was attached to media, and brainwashed the masses.  Websites like RT and sputniknews.com are literal Russian propaganda websites; they are funded by the state and all material is sent to an unknown government office for editing before release.  These websites spread misinformation gained from emails illegally hacked by Russia, and disseminated via Wikileaks  in a slanted fashion.  It is a propaganda triangle, working together to craft and brainwash the public at large.  It is a virtual agitrain, plummeting through social media.  We'd laugh at an agitrain today, but don't realize it blasts through us virtually, right into our hands through our smartphones.  These news stories based on disinformation are picked up by infotainment pundits like Sean Hannity and the story has legitimized itself.  It is especially troubling that the President-elect of the United States is involved.

Unhinged by even RT's standards.  Click the link for more information.

Unhinged by even RT's standards.  Click the link for more information.

The public at large believe what they want to believe.  If a news story confirms their biases, they will accept it.  They won't dig deep and analyze the source or the facts or the context.  They will click the 'share' button and the rest of their friends will see it instantly.  They will share it with their friends.  At this point it's not even a question as to the validity of the story, it is the truth for them.  It is a new age of propaganda and the Kremlin have mastered it and used it against us.  There seems to no slowing down in this golden age of technology.

The internet was supposed to function as an information superhighway.  Instead, it has devolved into a virulent echo-chamber based on half-truths and fake news.  Worse yet, the undereducated and relatively ignorant public at large have no qualms accepting what validates their narrative.  If it is affirmative to their belief system it is the truth.  No mountain of evidence or facts or data or truth will persuade them.  Reality is what they believe it to be, and most everything we see on social media and the news is an illusion.

-Adam Mantine 11/12/2016










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