Moving Forward

"What good does it do now?"

-Bernie Sanders upon being asked if he would have beaten Donald Trump

We cannot go backwards, we can only go forwards.  That's the fundamental law of time. Humans tend to analyze the past and speculate as to what could have been.  Unfortunately for us, there's not way to go backwards.  An obsession with things past leads to what doctors call 'depression'.  We have no choice but to move forward, all while enjoying the present.  That's really what progressive means.


With the election of Donald Trump democrats have decided to speculate on what could have been.  Had Bernie been the nominee, he would have won, they say.  Retrospectively, I agree.  However, at the time of the election it seems Hillary won fair and square.  She accumulated millions more votes than he did.  His campaign devolved a bit from his core issues.  But that's not to say I don't like the guy.

In fact, Bernie has transcended politics and become something of a cultural icon.  Cantankerous by nature, but in the name of a good cause, he toured the country and inspired millions.  It was hard to have anything bad to say about him.  He was a man of integrity and principle.  He had strong beliefs and was a populist and could rant with the best of them.  It's hard to see a politician on TV and relate to them and feel like they're a real person but Bernie did that and won over quite a few average joes and had America by the heartstrings.  Looking back, he probably would have defeated Donald Trump.

But that's the sad truth of our existence; that we cannot go backwards, that time moves in one direction only and it isn't backwards or sideways.  All that has passed by us is never to return, and we should look to the future and organize. There needs to be a resistance to the profound ignorance of Trump, but quarreling amongst Democrats will not do much to solve the problem.  Nor will looking backwards and speculating about the past.  English allows us to ponder 'what could have been', but that element of our grammar is crippling.  Let us focus on the future while enjoying the present.  Certainly legalized marijuana can help with that.

-Adam Mantine  11/11/2016

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